Journalist and digital technologies

How have new digital technologies changed the way journalists do their core job and communicate with their readers/listeners/viewers?

“Imagine if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee and turning on your home computer to read the day’s newspaper” (Jericho. 2012. p. 222). 32 years ago San Francisco papers had pictured how audience will read daily news on the computer screen.

And they predicted it precisely, as it could be seen that with the advances of digital technology has emerged with its characteristic of interactivity which allows  its users to be the user generated content.

But, firstly, let’s define what is journalism and what Journalism does?

According to Pew Research Journalism Project has outlined 9 Principles of Journalism that defines journalists work and core job. It can be summarized that Journalist core job is to write and broadcast a news that is informative and objective in the name of telling the truth to the audience.

Journalist always dealing with media in order to distribute their news to the audience, hence, the arise of social media such as Twitter and Facebook  have given a separate space not only for the news agency to reach wider audience but also for Journalist as individual to make direct contact with their readers.

A pew research found that 52% news comes from Twitter, it shows that many people are relying on Twitter to get news and this is an opportunity for Journalist to be active on Twitter.

For example, Presenter of PM & Friday late, ABC radio, Mark Colvin actively tweets and retweet news on this timeline and received many tweets as well.

mark colin

The tweet pictures above clearly describe that, he uses twitter journalists often use twitter to direct readers to their organisation blog, entries, news, audio and video feed on their official webpage rather than building a discussion around the news. Furthermore, Mark also use twitter to praise other journalist work. This shows that Journalist use social media is partly to maintain network rather than being objective, criticism toward the news and transmitted the informative news.

Additionally, twitter allows journalist and news reader to make contact directly with the sources and confirm the news instantly and make their personal opinion comparing when they write a news story represents the news agency.

Here is how Leigh Sales rather than taking part in discussion in any meaningful way, she merely seek to use it to defend her opinion and prove that her view is unbiased.


Therefore, it can be said that tweeting more on twitter does not mean a journalist will it does not mean journalist can engage efficiently with twitters users that can result in understanding the news and situation deeper and spread the newsworthy.

As Jericho argued that “No one ever says that I went to journalism because i have a passion for being objective or detachment, that’s my thing” (2012, p.263).

In conclusion, it can be said that, the advance of digital technology has not change the meaning of Journalist core job, it only helps journalist break the distance to reach news sources, reach more audience and direct traffic to their webpage by sharing link, favorites, or participate in the online discuss but still it does not contribute much to give a good understanding of topics for readers.

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Online user’s privacy

Reffering to Jurgenson & Ray (2012), how are digital media technologies affecting (in positive/negative ways) user’s privacy?

Let’s us start by defining media. According to O’shaughnessy and Stadler (2012, p.3) in their fifth edition of Media and society book define media is the technologically developed communication industries, normally making money, which can transmit information and entertainment across time and space to individuals and/or large groups of people; they are literally in the middle of this process, the means of communication.

Media then is divided into two categories such as to analog media and radio. However, this time we are not going to talk media as a whole instead focused on digital media technology. Digital media: things such as video games, internet and social media and other form of computerised media that mathematically process and convert whatever information needs to be represented into numerical form. (2012, p.108)

Firstly, as it has been described above therefore, digital media then has the ability to produced, manipulate, reproduced, converted and shared information or data of its users.

Moreover, one of the characteristic of digital is interactivity. Interactivity empowers the users to participate in reciprocal, two way communication which gives user choice in creating and distributing the content such as media text, chatting online, blogging, online video, Wikipedia and shopping online (O’shaugnessy & Stadler, 2012, p.111).

Talking about digital media technology is always related with user’s privacy because users are required to disclose personal information in order to become a members of the online shopping or to use the application. As in the lecture note week 9 defined that privacy is the ability of an individual to keep information about themselves secret.

According to office of the Australian information commissioner states that privacy covered personal information such as name, address, bank account details, credit card information, photos, information about their opinion, likes, and other activity that they do online.

Unfortunately, those information is often collected by the  company or the organisations that we have signed up for to use the private information to tract employees record or for advertiser to match online users need with the product that they will produce.

According to Jurgenson and Ray (2012, p.64) the idea of the front and back stage refer to revealing and concealing of one personality that is tend to be selected not created. Users use digital technology to perform a deception self that they want with the effort they did in the backstage as the real essence of self. Even though, it is not the true expression oneself, society including institution and advertisers often judge people personality by their performance that they created which can lead to negative impression.

Here is Lori Andreas views of raising awareness of online privacy and the negative impact of using social media in finding job.

Another negative example of social media(Skype scandal)

skype is Australian’s most popular internet audio and video call application, users are required to disclose personal and basic information information in order to have Skype account.

“Skype will retain your information for as long as is necessary to: (1) fulfill any of the Purposes (as defined in article 2 of this Privacy Policy) or (2) comply with applicable legislation, regulatory requests and relevant orders from competent courts.” 

This has allowed government and any authority to access individual information on skype that seems suspicious and it happened to one of Australia army case.

Victim of ADFA Skype sex scandal to take legal action against Defence Force, as have discussed above the advantage of digital media that allow its users to be the producers and distributor of the content can result in hurting other people’s privacy. for example what Ms. Kate faced. Besides that, she also has to experience real life judgement  from people in her environment. It can lead to character assassinations as her case has got publicity around Australia.

Therefore, the only way to share nothing is to not participate in anything, but it is difficult as we are relied more on digital technologies. In conclusion, online users need to control of what they share and produce on digital technologies because it could harm not only them but other people privacy as well.

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